Lisa Wright handled the purchase of my current home and the sale of my previous one. In every way her services were timely, efficient, and helpful. 

With no wasted effort or delay she found the house I eventually bought. In about a month we looked at around a dozen possibilities. As I responded to various houses Lisa refined and focused her choices so that I ended up with two choices which met all my criteria. She then guided me through all the steps of buying the new place, providing timely notices and explanations of every step and document.
At the same time I was preparing my older home for sale. She helped me decide where to spend money reconditioning the property. She always responded to my questions and proposals clearly so that I was able to make productive decisions without excessive spending. She then helped me respond to a purchase offer and guided me through the manifold steps between accepting an offer and closing the sale, providing copies of and explaining every document along the way. 
Across the months of our association Lisa always responded promptly and clearly. She was always concerned about my problems and always friendly. I am completely satisfied with her performance. She works hard, knows her job well, and is thoroughly client-focused. She is an exemplary real estate agent.
Bill Kemp